Getting started

Install nightly Rust

Maud requires the nightly version of Rust. If you're using rustup, see the documentation for how to install this version.

Add Maud to your project

Once Rust is set up, create a new project with Cargo:

cargo new --bin pony-greeter
cd pony-greeter

Add maud to your Cargo.toml:

maud = "*"

Then save the following to src/


extern crate maud;
use maud::html;

fn main() {
    let name = "Lyra";
    let markup = html! {
        p { "Hi, " (name) "!" }
    println!("{}", markup.into_string());

html! takes a single argument: a template using Maud's custom syntax. This call expands to an expression of type Markup, which can then be converted to a String using .into_string().

Run this program with cargo run, and you should get the following:

<p>Hi, Lyra!</p>

Congrats – you've written your first Maud program!